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I've been in the carpet business over 30 years, but I don't sell carpet anymore. I am a Carpet expert, Author and Consumer Advocate. My carpet buying advice is published in major newspapers, magazines, trade papers and newsletters worldwide. My passion is helping consumers select the right carpet that will meet their needs and budget.


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Alan's Carpet Buying Articles and Books have been featured in these fine publications and websites!


  1. The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, CA.)

  2. Boston Globe (special advertising section)

  3. Inspired House (Tauntonís Press)

  4. Chicago Sun Times

  5. Los Angeles Apartment Owners Association

  6. NARPM- (National Association of Residential Property Managers)

  7. ISSA TODAY: The International Sanitary Supply Association (The Experts on Cleaning and Maintenance)

  8. Units magazine (Published by the National Apartment Association)

  9. MrLandlord.com (Jeffrey Taylor editor)

  10. Amazon.com

  11. Barnes and Noble

  12. Borders.com

  13. Powellsbooks.com

  14. Landlord.com

  15. Irem (The Institute of Real Estate Management)

  16. The Rental Property Reporter (Robert Cain Publications)

  17. PPMA NEWS (The Professional Property Managers Association)





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