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Home Improvement Carpet Scams and Pitfalls

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Carpet Scams and Big Box Retailers


Big Box retailers are corporately-owned conglomerates who often use TV commercials offering low-cost carpet or free carpet installation specials to lure-in customers in the market for new carpet or flooring. Home improvement warehouses like Lowe's and Home Depot use private labels on their carpet samples to prevent consumers from comparison shopping and potentially finding a lower price from other locally owned carpet stores. They also require payment in-full and upfront at the time of purchase. They charge a fee to have an independent contractor come out to measure your home, and they farm- out their carpet installations to a private installation contracting company. 


This means once you have paid them in-full, they are unable to help you solve any carpet problem you may have. If you have a carpet complaint, they will tell you to contact the carpet manufacturer directly, or contact the installation company to seek a remedy. The reason they can't help you is because they did not manufacture the carpet and they did not install the carpet. 



How Does The Big Box Carpet Buying Process Unfold?

The Big Box retailer has carpet samples on display. You decide which carpet you want to buy and for a fee, they will arrange for your home to be measured by an independent measuring company. Once they determine how much carpet your home requires they calculate the total job cost for the carpet, pad and installation. Then they collect payment in-full upfront and then place your order with the carpet manufacturer and arrange for installation from a private installation company. 


The Big Box retailer is not responsible for issues regarding the measuring, the installation or the carpet or padding. All these products and services are covered under limited warranties provided by companies not affiliated with the store where you made the initial carpet purchase. 


If you have a carpet problem or concern, it can be difficult if not impossible to find anyone willing to help you or accept responsibility for correcting your problem or addressing your complaint. You could end up stuck with a carpet that you are unhappy with. Learn more: Should I Buy Carpet from Lowe's, Home Depot, Empire Today or Costco?



Smart shoppers can save hundreds on new carpet.

When buying new carpet, consumers usually get what they pay for as long as they buy from a reputable dealer. Inexpensive carpet & padding is poorly made and is not designed to last very long. But consumers often believe that the higher the cost, the longer the carpet will last. This is not always true The more you spend on carpet the higher your risk of being scammed. How much does new Carpet Cost?



Selecting the Right Carpet Quality


The carpet samples you see at the carpet store will all look and feel great, but once installed in your home you will discover the truth. Some carpets mat down and begin to look horrible within a year or two, depending on how they are constructed. Appearances can be deceiving, you can’t always tell if a carpet will last a long time just by looking at the sample and feeling the pile with your hand. You need to know how to locate and interpret the carpet specifications. This includes the fiber type, the tuft twist rating, the pile height, the pile density rating and fiber face-weight.  About Carpet Fibers



How To Select Carpet Padding


Carpet padding also has specifications that are important to consider. I can help you choose your next carpet and padding wisely. The Grade of Padding you select must MATCH the Grade of Carpet you select. If you buy a carpet designed to last 15 years, then you must buy a padding that is designed to last at least 15 years. The question is, how will you know what grade of carpet or padding you are buying? More about Carpet Pad



Where Not to Shop for Carpet


Depending on where you live, you may have limited choices as to where you can conveniently shop for new carpet for your home. In rural areas, there are usually fewer choices and you may need to drive to a more populated area to have more choices and better options. In larger cities there are plenty of carpet retailers to choose from, but not all carpet retailers are reasonably priced. Some cater to high end clientele, and those who have more money than sense. Buying from the wrong retailer can cost you plenty. Read about homeowners who have fallen victim to costly carpet buying mistakes: Common Carpet Buying Pitfalls 



What Is The Right Grade of Carpet For Me?


Take my free Carpet Foot Traffic Test to help determine What Grade of Carpet can meet your needs and goals? You can't choose new carpet wisely unless you select a carpet that is capable of withstanding your level of foot traffic. I have created a simple test you can take to help you determine your own level of foot traffic based on several critical variables. What Grade of Carpet Should I Select?



Cost of New Carpet and Padding


Most homeowners experience some degree of "sticker shock" when they discover how much new carpet is going to cost. You might need to save up more money before you purchase new carpet or perhaps you might consider completing your new carpet project in two or more stages. However, you should never settle for a lesser grade of carpet that cannot handle your level of foot traffic! What makes one carpet better than another? How to Compare Carpets



Alan's Preferred Carpet Dealers


It's hard to find an honest and reputable carpet dealer these days! That's why I have compiled a special list of hand-picked carpet retailers who I believe are reputable, are locally owned,  give free estimates, offer fair prices, have knowledgeable staff, provide honest measuring and hire qualified installers. Don't risk losing thousands!  See who I recommend near you




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